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It has been a while since I posted anything new. I was locked out of my account and just gotten the technical issues sorted and have been able to log in. In the passing years I have been developing a lot of new and interesting bracelets and cuffs. I have been experimenting with silicone rubber and also doing acid etching on metals. Please give me a few days to begin updating my photos.

Go F Yourself Bracelet

Make a rude statement.

Go Fuck Yourself Bracelet

Each section is made from cast urethane plastic. What’s urethane? It’s the same stuff a bowling ball is made of. Tough and very durable. I can cast pieces with metallic powders and also add colour and tints for almost any type of finish. The production version will have perfect castings and better finish. I will almost certainly add a slight “radius” or curve to the pieces so they wrap around the wrist nicely. These pieces also can be made up into a necklace or made into charms to hang from a chain bracelet. Please contact me for more info and pricing if you are interested.

Hardbody Armour Bra

I have been working on developing hard cup bras for fetish, fantasy, gothic, alternate, armour tastes. I have been making silicone moulds of my models bodies, casting them to make working forms/maquettes, and sculpting basic bra forms and designs.

Maquette and clay pattern underway

Once the clay has been faired out, the basic design is refined and contours defined. Smooth fill is applied and sanded out. A second layer of fill has been applied here and allowed to dry. It will be sanded out with very fine dry sandpaper and then sealed before a silicone master production mould is made.

Soft fill applied

Stay tuned for the next images of the project as it progresses.

Life Mask for Carina

Carina immortalised

Carina's life mask

I had a visitor from Vienna, Austria this Summer. She asked me if I could make a life casting of her face. I was very happy to oblige her and this is the result of a few hours in the studio. I made three castings: one for myself, one in white plaster for her mother, and another gilded in 22 karat gold for herself.

silicone master mould

The silicone master mould is now complete and ready for the final step.

The silicone rubber master mould has been completed. Three layers of silicone rubber (RTV) have been applied in quick succession. About one hour and fifteen minutes has elapsed. Next and final step is to lay up a plaster mother mould to cradle the floppy/flexible silicone master when being cast.

Plaster mother mould completed

Plaster and chopped fibreglas have been mixed and (very carefully) applied on top of the silicone master mould. Once set (after 15 minutes), the plaster can be easily removed along with the silicone master.

New Penis & Small Nipple Bracelets

New Bracelets on the workbench

New Penis & Small Nipple Bracelets on the Workbench

It has bee a while since my last post, but I have been busy with other projects. I haven’t forgotten to pour some castings when I have been mixing up urethane for other projects. I have a lull in conservation projects, so I gathered the rough castings and cleaned and polished them last week and put them in final finish. They are in various shapes and sizes. If you may be interested, drop me a line and I’ll give you more photos and details on their measurements.

Check out the colours and patterns.

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