Life Mask for Carina

Carina immortalised

Carina's life mask

I had a visitor from Vienna, Austria this Summer. She asked me if I could make a life casting of her face. I was very happy to oblige her and this is the result of a few hours in the studio. I made three castings: one for myself, one in white plaster for her mother, and another gilded in 22 karat gold for herself.

silicone master mould

The silicone master mould is now complete and ready for the final step.

The silicone rubber master mould has been completed. Three layers of silicone rubber (RTV) have been applied in quick succession. About one hour and fifteen minutes has elapsed. Next and final step is to lay up a plaster mother mould to cradle the floppy/flexible silicone master when being cast.

Plaster mother mould completed

Plaster and chopped fibreglas have been mixed and (very carefully) applied on top of the silicone master mould. Once set (after 15 minutes), the plaster can be easily removed along with the silicone master.

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    Life Mask for Carina

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