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Say it rudely in style.

Go F Yourself Bracelet

Make a rude statement. Each section is made from cast urethane plastic. What’s urethane? It’s the same stuff a bowling ball is made of. Tough and very durable. I can cast pieces with metallic powders and also add colour and tints for almost any type of finish. The production version will have perfect castings and […]

Maquette and clay pattern underway

Hardbody Armour Bra

I have been working on developing hard cup bras for fetish, fantasy, gothic, alternate, armour tastes. I have been making silicone moulds of my models bodies, casting them to make working forms/maquettes, and sculpting basic bra forms and designs. Once the clay has been faired out, the basic design is refined and contours defined. Smooth […]

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